Potty Training Puppy Manners

Starting at 8 weeks

Raising a young puppy should be a very fulfilling experience. At this stage puppy needs to be raised with love and patience.  Understand anything “bad” your dog does at this stage is not done on purpose.

This is one of the most important stages of your puppies development. It serves as the foundation of socialization and character development. During the toddler stage puppies are learning by interacting first-hand with everything around them.  Their curiosity is very natural, but unfortunately can lead to very dangerous or destructive behaviors like choking or destroying things. At this stage, puppy proofing the house and crate training is a must. The most common issues at this stage are, Potty training, teething and biting, and barking.

This is a one-time session in your home lasting approximately 2 hours.
I go over crate training, proper potty elimination, sleeping through the night, nipping, socialization, appropriate chew toys and food.suggestions.
I am here to answer all your questions and help you smoothly. 
transition your pup to your home environment

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