Off-Leash Advanced
  E Collar - training

Off-leash dog training is valuable for the SERIOUS dog owner who expects his dog to respond to commands when not on a leash ( where it is legally allowed) or at a distance where a leash cannot be used. This package is for people who are serious about owning a well mannered pet. 
If you are an active person would like to take your dog hiking, camping, or to the beach and just general family outings, off leash,  E- collar training may be what you are looking for.
Even when we go to a  beach, there are occasional encounters where you will require positive control to avoid a volatile situation. Sometimes at home or a park, you may simply want to remind your dog to respond to your command even in a playful stimulating environment.

***  Lucky K9s'  Off Leash E-Collar Advanced Dog Training course in Santa Clarita requires the completion of a basic ON LEASH - Personal Program by Lucky K9s or be evaluated by Evelyne, if the dog has been previously trained by someone else.

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