Board And Train 
(Boot Camp)

cheyenne multiple commands
5 mos old

My dog boarding and training program in my home is designed to get the most out of your dog’s potential with our positive and effective training methods. We train through consistency, trust, communication, repetition, timing and respect. I have  worked with all types of hard to define behaviors with success through positive and effective management training tools.

What sets me aside from other facilities is that the dog lives with me in my home cage free, not in kennels. They become part of my pack family and household. Being in a home environment, the dogs learn how to behave indoors among real life living situations. They learn everyday and throughout the day the rules of the house, through all basic obedience commands mainly on leash.

Your dog will be taught the following......
Walking on a loose leash, Sit, Down. Stay, Come (in your home or back yard), Leave it, Wait (entering and exiting entry ways), not to jump up on people, and go to your bed. Other age appropriate commands can be taught upon request and review.
Treadmill training available upon request.

Potty Training and Puppy Manners is included for young dogs. Ringing bells to ask to out can be also taught. You will also have to follow our house breaking rules 101 to transfer over the house breaking foundation to your home.

Your dog will learn to interact with the other dogs, and go with me to different locations to be socialized with the outside world. i.e. Coffee at Starbucks, big home improvement stores.

They will be crate trained also. (The dogs are required to be contained indoors, if I am not home for their safety.)

I have an enormous fenced yard where they play with my dogs, if the weather permits.  Small dogs are supervised.  Otherwise they are in inside my home.

I work with you to transfer the command knowledge in order for you to maintain the training. (this part is imperative ). After a minimum of 3 lessons with me I can guarantee, for as long as you own your dog, any further help is included in the total price. Attending my Obedience Classes is also a great way to improve your handling skills for as long as you wish. You may join at any time at no extra charge.

All training is not guaranteed and progress depends on the temperament of the dog. Some dogs may learn slower than others and we will work at their speed without any unnecessary pressure put on the dog. Training must be maintained consistently by you at home for your dog to retain everything learned in Board and Train programs. You will have to generalize the behaviors to other environments once the dog is home. You will also have to follow our house breaking rules 101 to transfer over the house breaking foundation to your home.

If you have questions about our Board & Train Boot Camp contact us.
The price for this very successful program is $​2000.00 (per dog) + leash and training collar for four weeks. A $500 deposit is required to ensure your training reservation.
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